Total Dictation 2023 Covers Environmental Issues 7 April 2023
EFKO is the Project’s Partner

On April 8th, thousands of people in 600 cities worldwide will take their pens and sit at the desks to participate in a dictation.

At dictation, just like in school in the good old days.

Russia and the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and even Antarctica – the traditional Total Dictation event has long been a genuine social movement supporting literacy and the Russian language.

One of the Project’s specifics is a unique text specially created for the dictation every time. This year its author is Vasily Avchenko, the writer and the journalist. The text in 2023 deals with global environmental issues illustrated by the nature of the Far East. In particular, the story is based on observations of famous geographer Vasily Arsenyev, who has dedicated his life to exploring the Far East and preserving its natural diversity.

Commonality of the dictation message and the high priority given to the sustainable development values at EFKO has become an additional argument to support the Project. Before the New Year, together with writer and publicist Pavel Surkov we recorded a joint series of enlightening lectures on Russian literature. On the Total Dictation day EFKO will participate in the operation of one of the largest platforms in Moscow, as well as arrange two corporate platforms for the Company staff.

“This is the 20th Total Dictation already! Can you imagine?”, EFKO Executive Director Sergey Ivanov said. “A non-profit initiative of enthusiasts from the Novosibirsk Academic City has grown into an international project. I have always felt that I was somehow related to them. Firstly, the Total Dictation has emerged within the walls of my alma mater Novosibirsk State University. After that, Egor Zaikin, one of the Project founders, worked for me for a while. Besides, the Russian language is highly valuable both for me personally and for the entire Company. I will be a presenter who dictates the text at one of the Moscow platforms. And another two shareholders of our Company will dictate at corporate platforms in Voronezh and Alekseyevka.”

Vasily Avchenko, writer and journalist
“For me, the Total Dictation is not only a test of the mother tongue, but also another dive into domestic literature. I feel as the citizen of not only Russia, but also the Russian language: I live in it and belong to it. My attitude to Russian is almost religious: it is a real miracle, an ocean, a universe. It is also important for me that the Total Dictation is a Siberian project, and it is not focused on the capitals, but “sews together” our vast country by moving from city to city.”
To take part in the Total Dictation you only need to register on the Project website and select a convenient platform in your city or write the text online.

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