Today, EFKO is one of the largest food companies in Russia. Over the years, EFKO has grown from a small workshop in Alexeyevka to the leader in the oil and fat industry.

The world has changed a great deal over this period
too: the population is growing rapidly, while resources
are depleting just as fast; ecosystems are being
destroyed and people's quality of life is deteriorating.
These problems cannot be ignored any longer.
It's time for us to change.


A big idea turns business into a wonderful adventure.

For us, these aren't just empty words. This is our outlook on life. Taking part in global development projects aimed at improving people's quality of life and preserving our planet is what allows us to think big and suggest and implement fundamentally new ideas.
This is what makes business meaningful and turns a job into a wonderful adventure.


The first oil mill in Russia was built in the industrial settlement of Alexeyevka in the Belgorod province. In the late '20s of the 19th century, oil was obtained from sunflower seeds here for the first time in the territory of the Russian Empire.

Almost 200 years later, Alexeyevka continues to be the largest sunflower processing center in the country. It is here in Alexeyevka that EFKO's biggest production site and the headquarters of the company's board of directors are located.


Change begins when we are able to admit our mistakes.
After achieving some success in making high-quality healthy foods, we looked back and realized that we had done far from all we could.
Our health depends not only on what we eat, but also on our surroundings. This means that the issues of environment and social structure are becoming ever more relevant. Owing to this attitude, we have redetermined some of our projects and are confirming our intentions with real action by:
- selling our farms and pastures to contribute to resolving the greenhouse effect problem;
- launching an oil biosynthesis start-up to prevent soil erosion;
- completely transforming our production by installing state-of-the-art treatment facilities;
- refitting our dairy plant for production of plant-based alternatives;
- launching production of plant-based meat.

The time has come to change our attitude towards the planet.

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