We don't see the need to hush up a staff shortage. The number of promising innovative projects that the company has today outweighs the number of trained teams of specialists.

There is room in these projects for both experienced professionals, who will be able to reach new heights utilizing their accumulated competencies, and young professionals. We are not afraid to work with university graduates, offering everyone the chance to discover and apply their talent.

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EFKO's main capital is the professional and personal competencies of people. We estimate the ratio of importance of these competencies for career growth at 30 to 70. No matter how exclusive a person's professional competencies may be, they still cannot become a top manager without having empathy and being able to take responsibility for others.

The company's scientific and educational center stores educational materials that help us to understand the reason for the competitiveness of people with these attributes.

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A career at EFKO is an opportunity to choose any social elevator you like. This means that you can just be a professional in your field, or you can grow as a leader.

The path of leadership involves acquiring exceptional competencies that are highly valued in the company. Every employee who is ready to take this path and demand a lot from themselves can expect an individual career growth program and high social compensation.

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University graduates often reach the stage of desperation trying to find a well-paid job that they would actually like.
Some spend the best years of their life in a job they aren't keen on, while others do what they love for a pittance.

At EFKO, we don't agree with this kind of approach. Therefore, every new employee is invited to train at the research and education center in one of the selected fields: social engineering, marketing, branding, industrial management, and commerce. In some cases, employees can try out several areas in order to choose the field that suits them the best.

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