The Taman marine terminal is a result of extreme strain of all types of the company's resources. Currently, the port in Taman contributes to increasing the country's export potential and provides the company with great prospects for business development abroad.

Successful implementation of projects such as the marine terminal in Taman is the kind of experience that means the company can believe in its success and implement the most ambitious ideas.


In developing our business, we pay special attention to technologies for protecting the environment from production waste. The production site at the Taman seaport operates on the zero discharge principle, which completely excludes the release of production waste into the environment.

The water used in production goes through about ten stages of purification at the local treatment facilities. This technology has no equivalents in Russia.


At EFKO, we believe that the company's wellbeing directly depends on the quality of life and wellness of its employees' social environment. Therefore, the company took care of the full-scale development of the entire social infrastructure in Taman.

Our volunteer movement New Horizons already has more than 200 members. We help kindergartens and medical institutions and support talented children seeking to make the best of their abilities.


People are the key asset and the main competitive advantage of EFKO Group. This is why we consider the main goal of our personnel policy to be the creation of working conditions aimed at maximizing people's potential fulfillment and ensuring career growth.
Currently, more than 2,000 people work at the Taman production site of EFKO Group, and each employee is guaranteed equal opportunities for training, development and career growth within the company.

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