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Problems such as depletion of natural resources, collapsing ecosystems, deterioration of the environment, hunger and poverty have recently become so acute that they must be resolved if humanity is to be able to provide a decent future for the generations to come.
As one of the largest producers in Russia, we are aware of our responsibility to make a contribution here, first of all, by switching to responsible production. Being able to admit our mistakes is one of the most important prerequisites for development. We realize that it is time to evolve and change our approach to business and production in order to create food products that are in harmony with sustainable development goals.

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We don't have a spare planet, so we have to cherish the one we're on and try to bring about positive changes for the welfare of future generations. For us, these changes are innovations enabling us to create food products that don't harm the planet and help people to lead healthier lifestyle.

Creating products like these is not an easy task: it requires extensive knowledge of the matter at hand, as well as people who are passionate about exploring the world around them.

What is the Belaya Vezha
Innovation Territory?

Traditional lines of business are often considered "boring" and difficult to change. We disagree. For us, being an innovative company means seeking unconventional ways to develop even in traditional sectors, never being satisfied and always improving the production process.

Our fundamental goals:
• to make traditional products healthier;
• to make food production more environmentally friendly;
• to use the groundbreaking work of leading scientists to improve the production process.

Oilseed Processing
Food Ingredients

EFKO's chief value is people. One of the company's key rules is that an employee's status is ensured by the level of their competencies.
This approach means that employees can work their way up from the most rank-and-file positions right to the level of senior managers responsible for entire business areas. Cases like these are not exceptional – this is the result of a systematic effort towards the recruitment and development of employees.

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