Sweets and delicacies have always been an integral part of every person's life. Currently, every second delicacy produced in Russia is based on food ingredients made by EFKO Group.
With our ingredients, we want to make consumers happier. To that end, products based on our cocoa butters and fats must not only taste fantastic, but also be healthy. Today, the cornerstone project for our R&D center is qualitative improvement of confectionery products through the use of innovative ingredients – sweet proteins and low-calorie fats.

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Our brands reflect the company's values and connect us with the consumer.

When creating and developing brands, we primarily focus on the needs of our customers - we try to tap into their desires and emotions.
This is difficult, important and knowledge-intensive work. But if it's done with quality and love for people, consumers will reciprocate and be grateful.

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What will the food industry be like in a few decades? For us, the answer is in biotechnology.

Biotechnology is the main focus of EFKO's innovations, since developments in this area are already making it possible to improve food quality and have the potential to change the future for people and the planet.

Unique technologies for obtaining sweet proteins, chymosin and phospholipase have already been scaled up to production level.

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At EFKO, we are well aware of how important it is for the sustainability and development of business that people are satisfied with the quality of the company's products and services. Therefore, when developing the product line for the HoReCa segment, we carefully studied the experience of the best chefs and restaurants and attempted to take into account all possible nuances and satisfy the highest demands of the professional community.

We are willing to allocate our company's key resources for the development of complex solutions for our customers. The Food of the Future club was organized specifically for this purpose, where we regularly hold meetings and seminars, while our chefs test the company's products in various dishes.

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EFKO's chief value is people. For us, the central figure in the company's oilseed processing business is the farmer – a working person who sincerely loves the land that they call home. Over the course of more than 20 years on the market, EFKO has been building honest partnerships with farmers throughout the country and plans to develop this line of business further, in close cooperation with farmers in the Central Black Earth region, the South and the Volga region.

Thanks to purchasing raw materials from trusted local farmers, we can be confident about the quality and purity of our products and not allow ourselves to compromise.


Every day, we break 1 million eggs, as this is the kind of rare ingredient that can be found in almost any dish, from main course to dessert and mayonnaise. Our task is to preserve what nature has given without adding anything new, using innovative technologies. Owing to our innovative approach, we are able to produce high quality egg products for various consumer segments. The company produces pasteurized liquid and dry egg products which are indispensable in the confectionery, bakery, meat and oil and fat industries.

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