Each of us desires different emotions, depending on our genes, character and surrounding circumstances. Some of us want care and tenderness, some give their all to their family, and others cannot go a day without leadership drive and energy.

Respecting everyone's inner world and emotions, we've created brands that have been an integral part of the lives of millions of people in Russia and the world for several decades.


An increasing number of people are becoming more conscious and switching to responsible consumption. Each of us has to contribute to a healthier future for ourselves and future generations. The Healthy Innovation brand was created for people who care about our planet's future.

This line of delicious products made from natural plant ingredients has already received European quality certificates and the approval of Russian chefs.

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The history of the Sloboda brand began with sunflower oil. Today, the brand umbrella covers a wide range of products from various categories.

But in all its years of development, Sloboda has never changed the idea behind the brand: to produce completely natural food products from the highest quality ingredients.

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Altero mixed oils are an example of creating a product that utterly stands out from the competition: a triangular bottle, a black label and an original formula combining a mix of various oils and extracts. Altero immediately hit the mark and won the hearts of its target audience – women who demand the very best and most extraordinary.

The image of Altero, created 20 years ago, still has exclusive properties that no one has been able to replicate until today.

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