DeepFoodTech 2023 28 March 2023
Registration for the EFKO and Rusbase International Conference underway

Rusbase and EFKO have opened registration for the second international conference on cutting-edge technologies changing the global food industry – DeepFoodTech 2023.

On May 19, at the RBC Event Centre in Moscow, DeepFoodTech speakers and guests will discuss how food manufacturers can tackle global food security challenges and how to feed the planet 10-20 years from now.

The world population had surpassed 8 billion by the end of last year. According to UN forecasts, there will be 10 billion people on the planet in 2050, and food demand will increase 1.5-fold.

What global trends influence the future food market? How to feed Africa's swelling population? What technologies will help solve existing contradictions?

EFKO Executive Director, Hi! Department Head Sergey Ivanov
"Modern foodtech primarily aims to create technologies that can produce high-quality food without harming the environment.

The Healthy Innovation family of projects is our attempt to find answers to these challenges.

In 2021, in collaboration with RB.RU, we held the first DeepFoodTech – the first major forum for the food industry in the post-COVID period. We gathered the entire foodtech community in one place, which has been living for all these two years.

2023 is the time of new challenges. Hosting an international event, bringing together experts from various continents in Moscow, sounds like another challenge. However, without understanding the outside world, it is almost impossible to know what is happening in the global arena.

We invite everyone involved in the food industry and who, like us, lives on this issue to the RBC Event Centre on May 19!"

Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore and African countries – DeepFoodTech 2023 will bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and industry visionaries from different countries and continents to discuss what is already being done in this area.

The main topics of the conference include:

  • challenges facing the food industry
  • what is food of the future;
  • how DeepFoodTech is developing today;
  • how acute is the problem of food availability in today's world;
  • how and with what technologies can this be solved;
  • prospects for personalised nutrition to maintain human health.

Participation in DeepFoodTech 2023 provides access to the unique expertise of the food industry firsthand, participation in international professional discussions, new business contacts, and the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products to a new audience. DeepFoodTech has a solution format for each of these tasks. Simply register on the project's website and explore all available opportunities.

Participation is free of charge. Follow program updates and news about the project on the website and in the Telegram chat.

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