Pyshka (Пышка) Gets Citizenship of Russia 27 April 2023
Acquisition of Pyshka Brand

Grandma's and mom's pies, cakes, soft pastries... Puff sweet-smelling pastry is part of the cultural code of the Russians. And part of the cultural code of such pastry over the last decades is Pyshka margarine. However, by a "strange" coincidence, during all the time of its existence, this brand having such a rosy and warm name was actually managed by multinational corporations. First, Unilever created it, then it was assigned to the Dutch company Upfield.

Pyshka margarine hit the Russian market in 2000.

The technological novelty of the trademark includes a precise blend of vegetable oils, which provides a special plasticity to the dough, significantly improves the organoleptic properties of homemade pastries, and helps housewives successfully make their culinary ideas real. Besides, Pyshka is a mark of the stable highest quality margarine, including high requirements for ingredients and ensuring optimal 72% fat content for baking.

"5 years ago, EFKO already wanted to buy the Pyshka trademark, but Upfield was a little ahead of us, – Sergei Ivanov, EFKO Executive Director, explains. – Production was moved to Poland. We saw this as an opportunity for cooperation and started distributing the product in Russia. In particular, this experience proved that in many respects EFKO's business practices not only meet modern international standards but seriously exceed them in some elements."

As a result of changes in the FMCG market conditions in the early 2020s, Upfield decided to withdraw Pyshka from the Russian market. Last year, EFKO got back to negotiate the possibility of acquiring the brand.

In 2023, EFKO started production of Pyshka at the Evdakovo facility. The margarine returned to Russian retail. Now it is produced under a license agreement. The registration of the full transfer of the right remains only a technical procedure and will be completed within two to three months.

EFKO Executive Director
Sergei Ivanov
"We understand that for those who like to bake, there is Pyshka and all the rest. Our main task is to keep Pyshka as it is known and beloved. Therefore, we completely preserve its recipe.

Congratulations to all brand fans: the Russian margarine Pyshka has returned home from a global multinational company!"

You can buy Pyshka at large domestic chains: Auchan, Lenta, Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Magnit, O'key, etc., in local stores and retail. Totally in more than fifty Russian regions.

Housewives, professionals, and chefs often prefer margarine when choosing ingredients for baking, because it preserves a creamy taste and at the same time makes the dough lighter, airy, and puffy. In addition, compared to butter, it is more plastic and retains its structure when cooking.

Today the range of B2C kinds of margarine by EFKO includes three trademarks: Pyshka, Dobavkin, and Dobry Pekar.

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