Sloboda, the First Russian-Made Bottled Oil on the Market of Iran March 13, 2023
Expanding EFKO's Branded Products in the Middle East

EFKO Brand Division continues expanding its supply network over the Middle East countries.

In March sales of Sloboda brand oil, the first Russian brand in this category in Iran, were launched in the stores of the port city of Enzeli. Moving forward, it is planned to expand distribution to other major cities of Iran, primarily Tehran.

EFKO has been known in Iran since 2020 when our Export Potential Division began the first oil deliveries in bulk. Last year the company's trade turnover with Iran exceeded 3.5bn roubles. Basically, it is sunflower, soybean and rapeseed oil.

Evgeny Shulepov, EFKO Brand Division Director
The analysis of demand in the Iranian market at the end of last year showed a high interest in the supply of packaged corn oil. Why not? We already have available high-quality domestic raw materials and proven production technology. It took a little more than a month for the production and delivery of the first Sloboda batch to Iran. We continue active development of business contacts in the Middle East. Last year we made the first deliveries of plant-based meat to the UAE, in early 2023 we started selling Altero sunflower oil in Egypt, we are actively developing our presence in Asia. We are delighted that now Iranian buyers will be able to appreciate the reliability and high quality of Russian products.’
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