All Roads Lead to Hi! 15 March 2023
Vegburger in the Fasting Menu of LUKOIL Filling Stations Network

The atmosphere of travel and the romance of the roads prompt to try something new.

Hi! knows the point! Sure, a vegetarian burger with Hi! plant-based meat was included in the fasting menu at LUKOIL filling stations. More than 480 locations in 44 Russian regions!

Sesame bun, cucumber relish, ketchup, vegetarian mayonnaise, and of course, a plant-based chopper! You can already try the specialty in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Penza, Bryansk, Kaluga, Voronezh, Vologda, Rostov, Krasnodar, and other cities.

A vegburger by LUKOIL is a simple and affordable way to try plant-based meat and then include it in your daily diet.

Fedor Mogutnov, Director of HoReCa Division at EFKO
"The Great Lent season this year is marked by several bright projects. Burger King, and now cafes at LUKOIL filling stations is a new level of mainstreaming the category and the best answer to the skeptics against the "green" agenda. The Hi! team highly appreciates the contribution of our partners in introducing their guests to the culture of plant-based nutrition – delicious, healthy, diverse, and accessible on the territory of almost the entire Russia!"

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