Altero Business Mission in Egypt 14 February 2023
The first packaged vegetable oil made in Russia approaches African market

Altero became the first Russian-produced packaged vegetable oil on the African market. The products are already available in stores across Fathalla retail chain in Cairo and Alexandria.

‘EFKO has signed a contract with Egyptian partners for direct retail without intermediaries,’ commented Amr al-Beltagy,  head of the Russian foodstuffs exhibition centre in Egypt. ‘Before Egypt has purchased from Russia wholesale batches of raw materials for the production of edible oils, but for the first time Egyptians are offered ready-made foodstuffs from Russia, and at an extremely competitive price.’

Evgeny Shulepov, EFKO Brand Division Director
‘EFKO has long considered the African market as a promising direction for export development. Before the pandemic even own production in Egypt was planned. Marketing research in Egypt even then showed amazing results: the nature and key values of the Altero trademark – from the unique shape of the bottle to the visual design – turned out to be 100% complementary to the expectations of local customers.

‘Today the company associates its main efforts to develop foreign capacities with the Middle East. However, this does not mean cancelling plans to expand distribution in Africa. The market appearance of Altero sunflower oil is just the beginning of this way. Egypt is a large and interesting market and an ideal start for entering the markets of other countries in North and East Africa.’

As reported by the Federal Centre for the Export of Agricultural Products under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, sunflower oil accounts for about half of the consumption of edible oils in Egypt. Moreover, unlike most mixed vegetable oils – for example, sunflower and soy – it is sunflower that is a hit among consumers with higher incomes.

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