Applying for the First EFKO Master's Degree Programs Has Been Opened 27 June 2023
Continued cooperation with Pushchino Tech Town

Designing an art object and holding scientific competitions, tasting plant-based meat, and even the arrival of the famous Hi! food truck!

In the fall of 2022, EFKO launched a cooperation program with Pushchino, a small town near Moscow with a population of 20 thousand people. It is a true tech town renowned for its achievements in biotechnology.

Biotech is a key sector for the Biruch Innovation Centre. In this EFKO's tech town near Alekseyevka in the Belgorod Oblast, scientists are creating new food enzymes, healthy sugar alternatives, plant-based meat&milk alternatives, and natural flavourings.

Biruch Innovation Centre was confident there were a lot of common interests with Pushchino biotech engineers.

In 2023, the cooperation program with the Pushchino State Natural Science Institute (under Rosbiotech) will reach a new level.

In September, Russian students will be able to start studying at the Pushchino State Natural Science Institute under the new master's degree programs in Industrial Biotechnologies and International Marketing.

The customer and the key operator of the programs is Biruch IC. The project participants will live and study directly in the Innovation Center.

Lectures with teachers of Pushchino RosBioTech will be held online. Practical issues will be addressed at the facilities of Biruch IC.

It is also planned to involve employees of leading research institutes in the field of bioorganic chemistry, molecular biology, and biotechnology in the educational process.

EFKO covers all the costs of the project participants, including relocation, accommodation, training, and routine issues. In total, the project investments will amount to more than 20 million rubles.

The participants will be enrolled on a competitive basis. All willing university graduates can participate. You can apply via EFKO VKontakte group: it is enough to write your last name, first name, date of birth, university, faculty, course of study and phone number in the group messages.

Undergraduates who confirm their knowledge at the certification and successfully pass the session exams will receive quite an "adult" salary of 90 thousand rubles.

Following the academic results, the top graduates will be able to continue cooperation with EFKO.

Rostislav Kovalevsky,
EFKO Innovation Director
"Success in innovation depends on personal traits no less than on basic subject training. We believe that students of our master's programs are familiar with what mindfulness is, focus on results and have the desire to make a big breakthrough. We will try to make their training exciting and interesting! And, of course, we can guarantee that it will not be divorced from the real tasks of business and science. Maximum practice and personal scientific research!

This is the first EFKO's project of this kind. We will do everything so that it helps both the company – in recruiting talents, and the participants themselves – in finding their vocation and self-actuating!"

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