Sloboda at Sabantuy-2023 6 July 2023
New Dairy Products by Sloboda at Sabantuy in Tatarstan

Long ago the centuries-old celebration Sabantuy marking the work in the field completion was held to gain the favour of the spirits of fertility. Now it is a national celebration and an occasion to gather with family and friends.

This year, at Sabantuy, Kazan locals and guests became spectators of the national belt wrestling, participated in competitions for strength and agility, and enjoyed Tatar music, dances and, of course, delicious treats!

Refreshing natural novelties of drinking and thick yoghurts at Sloboda space!
Moderately sweet, with a pleasant slightly sour taste - these are usually missing in a huge variety of milk yoghurts. Sloboda yoghurts cover this point with new flavours – for example, raspberry or lemon.

The guests of Sabantuy tried everything personally and made sure: it is delicious! Moreover, it is made from natural cow's milk from Belgorod farms following advanced quality and safety standards.

The winners who participated in merry competitions by Sloboda received tasty and useful prizes. And the smallest guests were involved in bright face painting.

Dilyara, a guest at Sabantuy
“As children, we always came to the village for this fest, gathered with relatives and celebrated. Now, already with our own family, we try to get out here every year and have fun. We have an interesting family tradition associated with Sloboda. Every weekend we cook pizza together in the morning. And always with Sloboda mayonnaise and ketchup. We also love your yoghurts and often take them as a snack for kids. I enjoy their natural composition and pleasant taste!”

Diana, a guest at Sabantuy
“This is my first time at Sabantuy. This is an exciting new experience. Very beautiful locations and fun contests. I have known the Sloboda trademark for a long time. And I trust it one hundred percent. I saw some comparisons of different brands and found out that even small children can try your mayonnaise in limited quantities. And of course, the whole family drink your yoghurts.”

Marina, a guest at Sabantuy
“Sabantuy is a family celebration, we always go outdoors with our children, participate in competitions, and have fun. We love Sloboda products for their natural composition. Especially the mayonnaise. Of all the brands that I have tried, Sloboda is the most delicious, so we always buy only it!”

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