What is your strength, bro? Strength is in quality 20 November 2023
EFKO – Record Breaker for Quality Awards among Russian Companies

Experts at the international forum “World Quality Day 2023” mentioned EFKO as the Russian company with the highest total number of quality awards, as well as the highest growth in sales of products with Quality Mark.

In total, nine EFKO products under Sloboda and Dobavkin trademarks were awarded the Quality Mark. These are Provansal and Olivkovy mayonnaise, Tomatny and Shashlychny ketchup, three types of sunflower oil, and two types of strawberry yoghurt.

Yulia Mikhaleva,
Deputy Head of Roskachestvo
“Quality Mark cannot be bought or negotiated. It is awarded to products whose excellent quality and safety have been verified by independent laboratory testing. These are the best domestic products that not only satisfy the legal criteria but also the high standards set by Roskachestvo, which either surpass or remain above the specifications of the most recent GOSTs.”

Evgeny Shulepov,
EFKO Brand Division Director
“Over many years of business in the food industry, EFKO has created its quality control system, which is more stringent than governmental requirements in many respects. Starting from a supplier accreditation system and testing of raw materials in their microbiological laboratory, strict adherence to the production technology itself, and ending with an arbitration commission before sending to retail. The entire production cycle is covered. Our ability to continually produce high-quality products and hold leadership in the industry is made possible by this comprehensive strategy.”

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