Liberty for Unlimited Gastronomic Experience May 5, 2022
New Line of Yogurts with Prebiotics by EFKO

Liberty is the name of a new dairy yoghurt with natural composition and even greater benefits – dietary fibre and increased protein content. Tasting all the products of the brand will be possible by this summer when the entire line is present in retail chains. The first specialties have already been available now.

Liberty turns yogurt from a regular dairy product into a good nutritious snack. Stylish packaging design, natural composition with additional benefits of dietary fibre, complex combinations of flavours and affordable price will interest those who follow modern trends, appreciate freedom and for whom it is important to preserve their identity.

The first available for retail are drinking yogurts with five flavour combinations: melon & wild rice, papaya & mango, tangerine & ginger, coconut & pineapple and watermelon, mint & bamboo.

Thermostatic Liberty yoghurt with flavours of mango & passion fruit, coconut & chocolate will be placed at the shelves next. There will be one more flavour which is still kept in secret.

The third ones willing to compete for an expansion of gastronomic experience will be thick yogurts for a nutritious snack with bright interesting combinations: lentils, pear, spinach & flax seeds, grapefruit, coriander, hazelnuts & oats, avocado, kiwi, arugula & pine nuts. It looks like a recipe for an exotic mixed salad, but all this is harmoniously combined in one cup! We checked it out!

The Liberty line will be completed with thick fruit yogurts: grapefruit, blueberry & blackberry, mango & papaya.

Liberty has already been available in Moscow, Kursk, Voronezh, Kostroma, Krasnodar, Lipetsk, Orel, Rostov-on-Don and other cities, sold by federal networks (Magnit, Perekryostok) and large local networks (Evropa, Liniya, Begemot and others). The geography of sales will be gradually expanded. In the near future Liberty will be sold at Lenta, Auchan and Okey store chains.

Natalia Zabara, Deputy Director of New Products Development at EFKO
‘Oddly enough, but we found the prototypes of Liberty's compound thick yogurts in Hawaiian cuisine. These are bowls and poke! Nutritious, high in protein, rich in essential trace elements. All you need for a hearty and healthy snack. Formatted as a yoghurt. A great choice for stylish and active young people in search of new experiences!’

All EFKO dairy yogurts are produced at the factory in Alekseevka of milk from Belgorod farms. Depending on the concept and recipe, EFKO dairy yogurts are sold under the brands Sloboda, Altero, Epos, Miocrema (private label together with Magnit network) and – new in 2022 – Liberty.
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