Hi! at ‘Yes, Chef!’ Festival in Nizhny Novgorod 10 August 2022
Valeria Ivleva revealed her recipe for the perfect healthy burger

The countdown for Hi! plant-based meat and milk to be introduced to Nizhny Novgorod started in December 2021.

We had just put a food truck in a local park when we learned about the unfortunate ban on the Hiburger Tour. Leave or think up something? How we remember this dilemma now!

Then we found a solution and organised the delivery of Hi! right to everyone's doorstep. And it turned out very heart-warming and fun!

However, Hi! team still wanted to tell Nizhny Novgorod residents about the ‘green’ side of the story.

And now we have done it – by participating in the ‘Yes, Chef!’ gastrofestival organised by restaurateur and TV presenter Konstantin Ivlev.

A colourful food truck right at the centre of the festival, hundreds of amazed meat-eaters and vegetarians and seven items with plant-based meat on our ‘green’ menu.

Despite the abundance of meat delicacies, plant-based food was a key topic at the festival. And it even got a shout-out from the stage! As it turned out, Valeria Ivleva – the host of the event, blogger and wife of Konstantin – is a vegetarian. And she has already tried Hi!

The day before the festival she posted a recipe for the perfect healthy burger made of a Hi! cutlet, fresh vegetables, mustard sauce and lettuce instead of a bun. A quick snack that does not affect your health and figure!

‘Yes, Chef!’ has ended, but Hi! is still around and waiting for all Nizhny Novgorod residents wishing to continue acquaintance in Eurospar, METRO and Lenta stores as well as eating points such as Bhajan, Myasoroob, Mir Mir, Strelka, 38, Salyutburger cafe. And for those who were inspired by Valeria's recipe, we suggest they try this burger in the food court in Switzerland park.

Konstantin Ivlev, chef and festival organiser
‘Valeria quit meat a long time ago, although she continues to eat dairy. She made this decision well before we met, and I've learned a lot from her about plant-based nutrition. And I have even partially switched to it.

It's actually nice to have someone help you with things like this. For example, you'll never find sausage in our fridge. The wife doesn't eat it, and I support her. It's not even a matter of principles – simply respect for your partner.

I've also realised that this food is much easier to digest, although it gives as much energy and strength to live and, therefore, create.

I'm not advocating giving up meat. However, if you want to be in good shape and keep up with the times, you have to listen not only to friends and acquaintances but also to your body. This is dear to me, and I'm happy to participate in this!’

Kirill Khmelnitsky, concept chef at the Switzerland burger park
‘We opened just three months ago and almost immediately introduced an option on the menu – replacing the cutlet with a plant-based one. I have worked with Hi! plant-based alternatives before, such as mince and nuggets. Now there are burgers. Your plant-based meat is easy to work with. Also, there is a certain audience interested in this product. Demand is not very high yet, but we see the potential! And Valeria Ivleva's choice only confirms this!’

Tatiana, ‘Yes, Chef!’ guest
‘I saw the Hi! logo and immediately went to the “Food of the Future” food truck. I don't eat dairy and have known this brand for a long time. I love your yoghurts. Very delicious!’

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