Three years. Four thousand participants.
One Hiburger Tour
24 August 2022
Results of the "green" summer tour Healthy Innovation 2022

When EFKO shareholders first came up with Hi-Food, they decided they would only invest in technologies that respond to each of the three challenges facing the global food industry today. These are health, environment and food access.

EFKO engineers developed Hi! meat and milk alternatives. And then a natural question arose: how to convince people that it is not only healthy and fashionable but also tasty?

Executive Director of EFKO, Head of Healthy Innovation, Sergey Ivanov
“The idea behind ​​the Hiburger Tour is to introduce as many people as possible to what we do. For residents of Russian cities to discover how delicious “green” food can be. Then to know that it is already available in dozens of stores around the corner. And this means that everyone, without much effort, can already make their life more useful and environmentally friendly.

More useful because, for example, besides protein, Hi! is also a source of valuable dietary fibre, which makes up no more than a third of the diet of most Russian consumers. And that's not to mention vitamins and the general benefits of plant-based foods for our microbiota.

More environmentally friendly - because, compared to a beef patty, you need ten times less water and land. Also, the contribution to greenhouse gases is four times less.

Plant-based meat alternatives are the food of the future without compromising taste”.

Soon after the first Hiburger Tour in late 2021, we realised that this project is more than just about tasting. It is part of a larger "green" movement that is enjoying tremendous public support.

Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar. From July to August, Healthy Innovation's second "green" tour - Hiburger Tour - took place in three southern Russian cities.

A total of 4,000 people - vegans and meat eaters alike - tried plant-based Hi! burgers, yoghurts and a banana-strawberry smoothie with plant-based milk.

“Animal meat is rough and tough, but plant-based meat is soft and tender. I would even say with a sweet aftertaste," said Eva, a guest of the tour from Voronezh. "Today, I tried a plant-based burger for the first time and did not regret it. Such events are important. With more animal food alternatives in the future, we will have a more perfect world".

"I've tried many different vegan patties, but these will go right to the top of my list," said Dmitry from Rostov. "The soy taste is not too much, the texture is smooth. The patty retained its juiciness even after it was fried until crispy. Very high level!”

If a person likes the taste of Hi!, they can add it to their diet the next day. This means they can take up a habit that will benefit both their health and the entire planet.

“I've been a vegan for two years now. And Hi! helped me through this transition. One of my best decisions,” said Margarita from Krasnodar. “I'm very happy to be here on the Hiburger Tour, to eat such wholesome and healthy food without harming the environment".

A map of shops and cafes where you can buy or try Hi! plant-based alternatives is available on the official website of the project.

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