Green Menu Finds Its Place in Meat Corner at Taste of Moscow June 29, 2022
Healthy Innovation Spends 4 Days at Luzhniki

The Healthy Innovation team has spent 4 juicy days at the Taste of Moscow gastrofestival.

One of the central themes of the event was meat and grilling. Healthy Innovation has taken care of Moscow residents who either have excluded meat products from their diet or are simply looking for plant-based alternatives.

Healthy eaters could try something off the green menu from the Hi! food truck.

If the classic burger is a great introduction to healthy innovation, the mushroom and Hi! burger BBQ with cherries, for connoisseurs! And two types of Hi! rolls and udon with plant-based meatballs to boot.

Six dishes with plant-based meat! Tasting of drinking yoghurts to come to the shelves soon. Bright photo zone. Gifts and treats. In total, at Taste of Moscow, more than a thousand people were convinced that Hi! is tasty, healthy and very similar to meat. A significant contribution to the coming to the green side of history!

For those interested in cooking, we held two masterclasses from the EFKO FOOD professionals. Anyone could try themselves in making a burger or Bolognese pasta – and just see how it tastes.

Large summer program of the Hi! events keeps on going! Follow us on Telegram and the official VKontakte group to be aware of the latest events.

One of the organizers of Taste of Moscow Yuliya Sedykh
‘The guests of the festival are very different: with different tastes and needs. It was important for us to offer them a good alternative. As for the Hi, it was the taste that struck me.
It's amazing how similar to meat this product is. By the way, I do like the name – short and sonorous!
Hi! stands for Healthy Innovation, meaning: “Hi! Come on in! We are having fun. But it’s not only fun that we offer – we offer health as well. We offer the choice.”
I'm sure you don't have to be a vegan or vegetarian to eat plant-based meat. You can just diversify your diet. And the Hi! experience! does confirm this.’

Blogger Yelena Molodtsova, Leniviy_vegan
‘For me, the coolest thing about Taste of Moscow 2022 is that it featured Hi! I will never cease to repeat – products under this brand are the best on the Russian market. And in my opinion, even in the world! Taste. Price. Quality. Contents. Everything is at the maximum. I know many people who, for one reason or another, gave up meat and found Hi! as a great alternative!’

Brand Chef of the Mnogo Lososya and Chik O'Rico restaurant chains Kursant Nurdinov
‘I have been working with Hi! for over two years, and I can definitely say: both professionals and amateurs can comfortably use these products when cooking. In fact, it was mere serendipity for me to find these products – I got interested, cooked something and organised a tasing event. People liked it. So right now I have two items on my menu with HiBeef – bao burgers and an Asian-style burger. There is always a demand for them!’

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