Food Show with EFKO FOOD Professional Sauce June 20, 2022
GASTREET – New Level of HoReCa Division

Four days of GASTREET non-stop. Master classes from renowned chefs and gastronomic performances, an educational camp and a magical food festival were held with the participation of the EFKO FOOD Professional team who surprised restaurateurs and chefs with Hi! plant-based new offerings and a new line of classic EFKO FOOD sauces!

The massive festival, which brings together the best chefs, restaurateurs, investors, suppliers and HoReCa players, was held for the seventh time. This year the focus was on the new reality: business transformation in a challenging environment – starting with import substitution, new supply and sales channels and ending with team motivation and SMM.

More than 2,000 participants, 70 seminars and presentations, 10 educational and discussion platforms. One of them pertained to the food of the future and was articulated simply ‘What will we be eating 10 years from now?’

The speakers – representatives of major retailers and food manufacturers –agree that current changes – environmental problems, overpopulation and food shortages – require drastic action now.

‘EFKO has the technology to produce plant protein with all the necessary nutritional properties,’ says Fedor Mogutnov, the company's spokesperson and director of the HoReCa division. ‘We manufacture products (Hi! plant-based meat alternatives), which are now comparable in price to conventional meat. And we are already working on making it cheaper. Hi! is a tasty product, and this is key. The consumer always “votes” in favour of taste!’

GASTREET 2022 is not only interaction, inspiration and sharing of experience. All its ‘savour’ is in the food festival. At its ‘heart’ – on FOOD STREET – was a Hi! food truck.

The atmosphere was breathtaking: everything boiled and roasted, enveloping the mountain slopes with irresistible smells. HiBurger with roasted sides sizzled in the oven – it became the most popular item on the menu. The classic HiBurger is an all-time hit!
Other items also staked their claim for inclusion in the wish list of not only vegans but also regular meat-eaters. And what a list of peculiar names!

HiBurger with cherry and BBQ sauce. Shawarma with juicy Hiballs or Higgets. Udon with HiBalls in sweet and sour sauce…

The EFKO FOOD Professional team surprised participants not only with food of the future. Representatives of the HoReCa division organised tasting of their new offerings.

A new product was unveiled at the food festival – chicken-flavoured schnitzel, which will soon be added to the line of Hi! plant-based alternatives. And the new sauces in the EFKO FOOD line (traditional) and under the Hi! brand (plant-based) include barbecue, tartar, cheese and burger sauces.

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