Hi-KEBAB & HiCHIKEN – Summer-2023 Specialties 9 June 2023
Plant-Based Chevapchichi and "Chicken" Chops with Vegan Vitamin D3

Healthy Innovation has started production of two novelties: Hi-KEBAB plant-based chevapchichi for frying, and HiCHICKEN chicken-flavored chops. Their peculiarity is both complete simulation of the taste and texture of meat dishes, and the use of an innovative ingredient – fully vegan vitamin D3. It is a fresh start in the domestic market and will help plant nutrition proponents compensate for D3 deficiency and increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

The classic sources of D3 usually have animal origin. But Hi! involves D3 originating from fungi and algae. This ingredient is being exported so far, however, scientists of Biruch Innovation Center by EFKO have begun to develop a technology for its extraction.

"Even though the procedure itself was quite complicated, it was important for us to market launch a delicious product enriched with vitamins and 100% vegan friendly," says Natalia Zabara, Deputy Director for New Products Development at EFKO. "We are glad that now our customers can taste a delicious product without changing their views and food culture."

The vitamin content of the product is at least 0.75 µg per 100 g. This is about 15% of the daily consumption. Hi-KEBAB and HiCHICKEN are also enriched with vitamin B12. It helps the body to absorb iron and normalizes blood composition.

The Hi-KEBAB package includes five pieces of a total of 300 g, and HiCHICKEN – four chops in a package of 280 g. It is enough to fry them in a frying pan or grill for 6 minutes. The calorie content per 100 g is 211 and 199 kcal, respectively.

Natalia Zabara,
Deputy Director for New Products Development at EFKO
"While retaining all the benefits of Healthy Innovation, Hi-KEBAB is perfect for the summer barbecue season. This meal can diversify the menu of vegans and vegetarians but also gives the possibility to hold classic picnics and experience nature without damage to animals and ecology.

HiCHICKEN is somehow the successor of the Higgets tradition. This is another product format for fans of chicken taste. Tender, juicy, and very similar to slight chicken chops like in childhood, they will surely please both adults and children! As the practice of our R&D Center shows, plant-based meat tastings consistently make a wow effect among kids arising from the fact that it is possible to create such a taste from plants.

New products have been already distributed in more than 300 Magnit and Globus stores, as well as in Yandex Lavka.

Moscow, Krasnodar Krai, regions of Vladimir, Samara, Saratov, Rostov, Tatarstan, Adygea, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, and other locations are on the list of regions of presence, and it will continue to expand!"
Hi! (derived from Healthy Innovation meaning "Healthy Future") is the first brand under the food-tech project the Food of the Future by EFKO shareholders. Today it includes plant-based meat, milk, and yogurts. Hi! products are available at restaurants all over the country and more than 2000 stores, including online retailers Utkonos Online, Ozon Express, Yandex Lavka, Auchan, O’KEY, Magnit, Perekrestok, Globus, Spar, Tvoy Dom, Vkusvill and others.

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