Biotechnological Laboratory by EFKO at Omsk State Technical University 14 September 2023
Continued Cooperation between Biruch Innovation Center and Siberian Universities

With the start of the academic year, Omsk biotechnologists will be better equipped to support their practical classes and independent research.

The opening ceremony for a new laboratory being a joint project of the University and Biruch Innovation Center implemented in the framework of the federal program "Priority 2030" was held on September 12 in Omsk State Technical University (OmSTU).

The laboratory is equipped with everything necessary for sessions and full-fledged scientific research: fermenting boxes, microscopes, shaker-incubators, autoclaves, liquid nitrogen refrigerator and other equipment. The attendees of the event concurred that this laboratory is among Siberia's best-equipped.

Bari Khairov, the first deputy minister of industry and scientific and technical development of Omsk region, Vasily Fefelov, acting Rector of Omsk State Technical University, and Tatyana Shcherbak, Director of the Center for Enzyme Production under Biruch Innovation took part in the ceremony.

Vasily Fefelov,
acting Rector of Omsk State Technical University
“The cooperation between our University and EFKO began back in 2020. Over several years, the University conducted some research and development projects, contests, and events in various fields of the company's development. The partnership resulted in the employment of more than 20 OmSTU graduates by the Biruch Innovation Center.

The opening of a biotechnological laboratory became a new stage of our collaboration. Our scientists and students will be able to conduct a broad range of biotechnological research, from fermentation to the biosynthesis of different chemicals, thanks to the science-intensive high-tech equipment donated to the University. All these objectives today are frontier.”

Rostislav Kovalevsky,
EFKO Innovation Director
“For many years EFKO prioritizes innovations that are based on deep subject knowledge. Therefore, our goal is to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with science.

A substantial number of students and graduates of Omsk Polytechnic University have already contributed to the formation and implementation of innovative projects for our company. A significant part of our biotechnological staff was initially formed out of Omsk State Technical University students.

The outcomes of the cumulative cooperative experience show the University's enormous potential. We intend to continue contributing to its fulfillment and are glad to support the opening of a biotechnological laboratory. We hope this will increase the competitiveness and practical skills of students and will boost domestic biotechnology.”

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