30 April 2014

EFKO Group sponsored the art exhibition "Beautiful captivates forever"

28 April 2014, Belgorod, Russia – EFKO Group, the largest vertically integrated holding company in the Russian Fat&Oil market, as part of "Property of museums in Russia – to Belgorod" project supported by the Government of the Belgorod Region sponsored the exhibition "Beautiful captivates forever. Salon and academic art of XIX – early XX centuries", which opened in April 25 at the Belgorod State Art Museum. The exhibits have been provided from the funds of the Ryazan State Regional Art Museum named after Pozhalostin.

yrb1048-copy_1.jpgFor many years, EFKO Group actively supports a number of social projects aimed at the development of culture, science, education and promotion of healthy lifestyle. Sponsorship activities are closely connected with the company's business philosophy – to contribute to the society progress, the development of business culture and improvement people's lives. The art, first of all, is a classical art, which feeds the mind and soul, and makes life happier and more interesting to be a part of everyone's life.

In 2013, under the socio-economic partnership of EFKO Group and the Belgorod region Government the company has committed itself to support the Foundation for Assistance to museology, archeology and architecture monuments "Heritage" of the Belgorod region.

The exhibition "Beautiful captivates forever. Salon and academic art of XIX – early XX centuries" was the second joint project of art museums in Belgorod and Ryazan. In total, the exhibition shows 75 paintings, drawings and decorative arts of Russian and Western European artists – portraits, landscapes, plot-themed paintings. All works characterizes the perfection of drawing and composition. Apart from such outstanding artists as G.I. Siemiradzki, I.K. Aivazovsky, I.I. Shishkin, K.E. Makovsky, A.M. Vasnetsov, in this exhibition project will be presented works of many famous at that time artists, which are little known to the public today (P.S. Rozhankovsky, A. Ebert and others).

The main part of the exhibition will be a collection of general V.V. Krestyaninov (a native of the Ryazan province), gathered by him in Leningrad from the works that filled antique and thrift shops in 1950 and transferred in 1981 after his death under his will in Ryazan State Regional Art Museum.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 25 April to 15 June 2014.

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