Vacancies for Those Willing to Build Drones March 17, 2022
Hi-Fly Recruitment Plan

Active development of Hi-Fly project and staff expansion drive EFKO's Biruch Innovation Centre to recruit more employees.

Hi-Fly is a branch of the Healthy Innovation family of projects covering eco-friendly unmanned aerial vehicles.

Hi-Fly's flagship development is an air taxi. Hi-Fly Taxi made its maiden unmanned flight in October 2021. The prototype of the air taxi is made as a multicopter with 16 electric motors located in two planes. The upper ones provide stability, the lower ones deal with manoeuvrability. The design is patented by Biruch IC.

At the moment Hi-Fly Taxi can make unmanned flights with a range of up to 15km and carry cargo weighing up to 120kg.

According to Chief Engineer Pavel Korolkov, by 2024 EFKO plans to reach the following target flight specifications: range – 600km, airlift capability – 220kg, flight time – 180min, speed – up to 300km/h. For this purpose, it is planned to make Hi-Fly Taxi modifications with a fundamentally different aerodynamic quality and a different design, in particular, with wings.

Simultaneously underway is the development of Hi-Fly Cargo unmanned aerial vehicle, including medical, firefighting, evacuation, police and other modifications.

The Hi-Fly team today involves more than 60 people brought together by the idea of developing eco-friendly unmanned vehicles. Experimental Flight Centre, Composite Materials Centre, Aircraft Production Centre, a hangar for year-round testing, office space were built at Biruch IC specifically for the project, and more new premises are to come.

The Experimental Flight Centre is responsible for testing vehicles under various weather conditions, over land and over water. The Composite Materials Centre is the venue for process development and production of composite elements and parts. The final processing of parts and final assembly of the devices takes place in the Aircraft Production Centre.

Thanks to the logically built Hi-Fly control system, the project team has developed several prototypes for various purposes, including an air taxi and a fire extinguishing drone, in just over a year.

If you have a specialised higher or secondary professional education and you are really interested in aerodynamics, aviation, mechanics, electronics, materials and other related issues, our team is perhaps waiting for you.

We are looking for a leading electronic engineer, design engineer, mechanical engineer and process engineer of numerically controlled machines. Relocation to the Belgorod Region is needed, work is carried on-site of Biruch Innovation Centre.

For those who are ready to devote their lives to Healthy Innovation, Biruch IC provides not only decent working conditions at the level and above the market (competitive salary up to 150,000 rubles and over) but also corporate housing, a company car, preferential medical care, access to the unique infrastructure of the centre, including comfy beach and ski resort.

You can ask any questions regarding vacancies by phone 8 (800) 250-50-60. E-mail:

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