Russian Students Now Able to Take EFKO's Online Management Course April 4, 2022

Effective Management Practice course kicks off at Biruch Research and Education Centre

EFKO's Biruch Research and Education Centre announces enrolment for regular online management courses. Senior students studying for their bachelor's degree and majoring in economics and management can participate in the programme. Students from other fields can also participate after filing applications on the project's website.

Participants of the Effective Management Practice course will listen to online lectures on business management and learn the logic of decision-making by company executives. They can also take a psychological tests and receive individual recommendations about their predisposition to a particular type of activity.

At the end of the course students who have proven their knowledge through practical lessons will receive national diplomas of further education and EFKO certificates. Individually they will be invited to take an internship with the chance for further employment.

The first to participate will be students of universities that are partners of the project – the Voronezh branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Stoletov Vladimir State University, Kursk State University, Voronezh State University and the Morozov Voronezh State Forestry Engineering University.

Biruch Research and Education Centre is ready to consider applications to expand partnerships with universities by phone 8 (980) 370-17-54.

Any student can apply to take the course, regardless of where they study, by visiting

’Our research and education centre has accumulated a huge database of teaching materials. More than a thousand lectures and practical courses in management, psychology, recruitment, branding, field-specific production technologies and other areas.

‘Learning is an integral part of our corporate culture. And all this knowledge base is available to employees of the company striving for career growth.

‘In 2021 Biruch Research and Education Centre conducted two experimental courses for external students. This experience and communication with our friends and applicants confirm that many students out there are interested in such training. That's why we created this educational programme. Universities that are industrial partners of the programme help implement it.’

Dmitry Treshchevsky, Head of Biruch Research and Education Centre
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