Rating of Innovative Companies, Popular Technologies and Sweets of the Future August 30, 2022
EFKO at Technoprom 2022

Russia's biggest technology forum has ended in Novosibirsk.

Part of the forum's business programme was devoted to genetics, biotechnology and biosafety.

EFKO's Director for Strategic Development, Vladislav Romantsev, participated in the forum's strategic session on key issues facing biotechnology in the transitional phase.

It included the discussion and development of approaches to speed up the development of Russia's biotech industry.

EFKO's experience shows that innovations that can fundamentally change the world emerge only at the confluence of applied and pure sciences. And the delivery of projects that lay claim to global primacy allows us to solve technological sovereignty and import substitution tasks.

EFKO Director for Strategic Development, Vladislav Romantsev
“There are a few questions that we answer when choosing an innovative project. How ambitious is it from a scientific standpoint? What global challenges does it solve? Will it yield new technologies that give a competitive edge in the long run? A good example is one of the projects the company is implementing. Sweet proteins.

The rise in the number of people suffering from diabetes is at "pandemic" levels - 500 million people by the end of 2021. This is a global problem. The primary reason is an unhealthy diet. Replacing sugar in the diet could significantly improve the situation.

To reproduce natural sweet proteins, we are creating our own platform of producer strains, searching for and synthesizing target genes, developing genome engineering technologies, etc. Doing this in a cost-effective way is a major scientific challenge. One of the world's best teams in this area, assembled from leading Russian scientists, is currently working on this.

And making not only tasty but also healthy delicacies based on these sweet proteins is an entire art.

It is critical that this project produces technologies and skills that allow us to solve pressing challenges, for example, quickly setting up feed enzyme manufacturing”.

EFKO is implementing various innovative projects, including biotechnology projects, while enlisting major research centres in Russia. Certain aspects of the work deserve special attention.

“There is a big risk of not paying attention to some development and being left behind by players from other countries. Or vice versa - investing in technologies that will not be a breakthrough," Vladislav Romantsev explained. "Clearly, in that situation, both businesses and the government want to lower their risks and costs. However, technological independence requires building a web of relationships that allows these risks to be fairly distributed.

The government, science and business can only deliver such breakthrough projects, which yield new products and technologies, by working together.

In our view, we need a rating of innovative companies across sectors of the economy that are willing to invest in the development and manufacturing of innovative products. Selecting companies that actually have R&D centres where staff are engaged in development. Those companies with innovation in their genotype. And all together identifying promising areas of development. Discussing ways of interacting and mutual responsibility. The State Committee for Science and Technology used to have such a platform.

Speaking of delivering innovative projects, we have to ensure the use of intellectual property in production. Technology must not be allowed to “lie on the shelf”. If innovations do not make it to production, they must become open. In that situation, promising young people can be enlisted. When young people are involved in exciting projects with massive investments and the goal of being the best in the world, both personal ambitions and development success are achieved".

Technoprom 2022 is being held during Russian Science and Technology Week. It is a communication platform for the introduction of new domestic scientific developments to solve Russia's import substitution and technological independence challenges. Proposals from participants of strategic sessions will be combined and taken into consideration when creating relevant programs of the National Technological Initiative Fund.

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