Public lab of the future of food and health December 23, 2022
Russians invited to participate in extensive healthy lifestyle study

The University of Educational Medicine and EFKO invite to participate in a study of the relationship between nutrition, exercise, internal attitudes and human health - a public laboratory of the future of food and health.

Everyone, regardless of where they live (presumably several thousand Russians), will be able to take an educational program under the project - a series of lectures on the basics of healthy eating and lifestyle. More than 100 people will participate in a comparative clinical study involving tests before and after training.

The presentation of the public laboratory took place on 22 December at the EFKO R&D Center in Moscow.

The project itself kicks off on 6 February. Lectures will be conducted once every two weeks in business breakfast form at the Food of the Future R&D Center in Moscow and will also be live-streamed. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle experts will cover topics ranging from creating a healthy diet and daily routine to stress management and the neurophysiology of healthy habits. Each meeting will be accompanied by a themed healthy breakfast concept: protein or vegetarian, keto or autoimmune protocol.

Study participants will undergo check-ups before and after the course to see how their quality of life and health change after changing their diet and habits. Besides objective test scores, participants will complete subjective well-being questionnaires.

The course is three months long. All educational materials will be available on the project website, social media and the EFKO YouTube channel.

The public lab format involves the participation of doctors, nutritionists, and business and government representatives in the project. Meetings of experts under the project will be devoted to innovative technologies for manufacturing healthy food and preventive medicine, which must be implemented in the next 3-5 years. Health and fitness institutions, functional nutrition start-ups and healthy lifestyle bloggers are invited to join the conversation.

The results of the public lab's work will be included in the database of the food track of the Russian government's Horizon-2040 project.

The public research board will guarantee the objectivity of the study. The board will consist of opinion leaders, health and nutrition experts, and public and political figures.

EFKO Executive Director, head of the working group of the food track of the Horizon 2040 project, Sergey Ivanov
“Four years ago, our company accepted the inevitability of three global challenges humanity faces every day through food. These are food availability, health and the environment. Awareness of the challenges prompted us to seriously rethink our vision of the future. And as criteria for selecting projects, we decided to develop only those technologies that simultaneously respond to each of the three challenges. This is how the Hi! - "healthy innovations" project appeared in our business portfolio. Today, this includes plant-based meat and milk, which you can try in restaurants and buy in stores nationwide.

The more we work on projects that are, in one way or another, related to sustainable development, the more it becomes clear that the efforts of one company are important but not enough to create new values ​​in society. First of all, our own health should be emotionally significant for each of us.

The public lab is a tool for promoting a healthy lifestyle and a responsible attitude to one's life. That is why it is vital that all materials of the project be publicly available.

We are completely open to working with everyone who shares and advocates for the value of health. We invite you to choose the best way of participating in the project and take several steps with us to make a healthy lifestyle the most important part of the worldview of Russians”.

Dmitry Alekseev, Research Director at the University of Educational Medicine
“The unique format of the public lab will bring together on one platform all those interested in increasing life expectancy and maintaining the quality of life. The project gives thousands of ordinary people an understanding of how to maintain their own health. And we believe the core result of such initiatives should be the years of life we will win back from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases together!”

Participation in the project is free of charge - participants only have to pay for the tests. Applications from potential participants, partners and experts of the laboratory are accepted through the following link.

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