Plant-Based Meat Is One of the Fastest-Growing Categories in Alternative Foods September 20, 2022
Magnit says monthly sales surged 10%

Federal retailer Magnit has released the results of a study on sales of healthy foods. Plant-based meat is one of the fastest-growing categories.

At the INNOFOOD 2022 strategic session on food security, Magnit's Deputy CEO Ruslan Ismailov provided data showing that sales had risen by 7–10% a month.

One of the key factors behind the interest in plant-based alternatives is the retailer's consistent work to expand its product range, primarily the Hi! brand.

There are currently four items of this brand in Magnit's large-format stores: Hi! burgers, meatballs, pelmeni and nuggets.

‘Such products have their own audience, primarily vegetarians, healthy lifestyle and responsible consumption advocates, consumers who prefer trying new products,’ says Magnit. ‘Magnit wants to take these products to the mass audience, for which marketing should be the primary driver. The company is planning targeted promotional campaigns to introduce the new product to as many consumers as possible.’

Magnit has also seen rising demand for Hi! plant-based yoghurts in convenience stores and large-format outlets this year. Their sales are also growing at an average of 10% a month.

Overall, demand for healthy foods has increased by 12% by value since the beginning of the year. The bestsellers include alternative oils (camelina, grapeseed, mustard, linseed) with an 81% increase, gluten-free food (+60%), sports nutrition (+71%) and low-fat fermented milk products (+26%).

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