People, Hi! March 1, 2022
Expansion of Hi-Milk and Hi-Vegurt Sales Geography

The EFKO shareholders' project Food of the Future got its start with plant-based alternatives to meat, and continues with dairy alternatives. In February new Hi! products appeared in the selection of Yandex.Lavka.

Hi! offers a fresh approach - "plants give milk". As in the case of Hiburger, the natural composition of products and sustainable production remain unchanged.

The launch of Hi-Milk and Hi-Vegurt plant-based product lines began with point-of-sale marketing experiment. Pilot sales on six territories, cold and hot shelves in-store testing, experiments with flavors – up to their complete change – contributed to assess the potential of products and stock turnover. In test sales, both milk and yogurt exceeded marketers' expectations. And blind tastings answered, perhaps, the most important question concerning the uncompromising taste. 50% of independent tasters ranked Hi! plant-based milk with coconut first. The almond milk also received appraisal in comparison with another similar drink.

“The fact that we would start producing plant-based milk became obvious to us two years ago. But the fact that we will do this inside the Hi line was not so clear. But it is amazing! It is almost impossible to imagine a meat patty with yogurt under the same brand, and vegetable yogurt and our hiburger naturally “befriended”, comments Sergey Ivanov, Executive Director of EFKO, General Director of Food of the Future.

700 million rubles have already been invested in organization of production, R&D, experiments and marketing of Hi! milk products. A decision was also made to build a separate plant for plant alternatives in Alekseevka.

Today there are four flavors in the Hi-Milk line: soya milk and based on it - with almond, coconut, hazelnut. Tastes of thick Hi-Vegurt yoghurts are for the most sophisticated gourmet: mango - wild rice, grapes - feijoa - basil, red grapefruit and blueberries.

Their composition contains exclusively herbal ingredients enriched with calcium and vitamins (also of plant origin). Naturally, they do not contain any preservatives, hormones, lactose, antibiotics, and GMOs.

Bulk sales of plant-based dairy alternatives branded as Hi! started in November. Auchan supermarkets became the first federal chain where Hi-Milk and Hi-Vegurt appeared. Later - Lenta, O'KEY, Tvoy dom, online trading operators Utkonos ONLINE, Ozon and Yandex.Lavka joined. Besides that, Hi-Milk is already available on the Dixy shelves, and Hi-Vegurt is already available in the Magnit chain.

You can already try Hi! drinks and desserts in more than 5,000 stores from Kaliningrad to Krasnoyarsk. Additionally, the representation of all plant-based Hi! products will be increased during Lent.

To be short, Hi! people!

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