Hi-Fly Passes Flight Tests in Balashikha July 14, 2022
Participation in 85th Anniversary Celebrations of Emergencies Ministry Research Institute

The Hi-Fly Cargo evacuation drone took part in demonstration flight tests in the Moscow region, simulating various real-life fire outbreaks.

The flights were part of the 85th-anniversary celebrations of All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection (VNIIPO) of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and were conducted under a partnership between the Ministry and Biruch Innovation Centre

VNIIPO is a key expert in firefighting with vast experience in testing innovative technologies and their certification. Therefore, cutting-edge technologies and equipment were showcased at the institute's anniversary. One of them - Hi-Fly Cargo - was developed by the Biruch Innovation Center

Biruch Innovation Centre CEO Yuri Kozarenko
“Participation in emergency response is the core area for our evacuation drone. Therefore, we regularly conduct tests on our facilities and at specialised sites.

For an objective assessment of the capabilities of Hi-Fly Cargo, in addition to the existing infrastructure, we built several fire towers at our innovation centre, bought equipment, and are designing a full-scale test site.

Working with the Emergencies Ministry will enable us to test various firefighting systems and assess the stability and applicability of aircraft in real-time execution of emergency response tasks”.

The Hi-Fly drone project is part of the technology path of the Healthy Innovation family of projects launched by EFKO shareholders. Besides Hi-Tech Healthy Innovation, there are Hi-Food (plant-based meat and milk - Hi-Meat and Hi-Milk) and Hi-Bio (sweet proteins, biosynthesised fats and cellular nutrition - Hi-Protein and Hi-Nutrition) food tech projects. Hi-Tech is also interested in building Hi-Energy hydrogen and solid oxide fuel cells.

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