Hi-Fly Cargo Evacuation Drone to Undergo Flight Tests at Russia's Emergencies Ministry June 27, 2022
Biruch Innovation Centre signs partnership agreement with the Ivanovo Fire and Rescue Academy

The Biruch Innovation Centre has signed a partnership agreement with the Ivanovo Fire and Rescue Academy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

The partnership provides for joint research and educational developments in unmanned aerial vehicles.

The parties agreed to conduct joint tests of Hi-Fly evacuation drones and passenger air taxis. The ministry's engineers will evaluate the current level of Biruch Innovation Centre's developments and test them using special prototypes when solving various rescue tasks in different terrains and weather conditions.

The collaboration will enable commissioning the aircraft for subsequent mass production and use at the Emergencies Ministry.

The signing of the agreement and the latest joint drone tests took place on the graduation day of the academy's lieutenants. Besides the academy's leadership and Hi-Fly developers, the ministry's representatives were also in attendance during the tests. Alexander Chupriyan, Russia's First Deputy Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief, Colonel-General of Internal Service, was among them.

To conduct the flights, the sky over the site was closed off in collaboration with a key partner of the Biruch Innovation Centre – the Aeroscript Research Centre.

A fire was simulated during the tests. The Hi-Fly Cargo evacuation drone had to fly unmanned along a given route, overcoming a ‘water obstacle’ and delivering 100kg of medicines to provide emergency medical care to ‘casualties’. Hi-Fly Cargo completed the task.

The academy's leadership noted the good flight characteristics and low noise level of the drone as well as the abundance (over 70%) of locally manufactured components.

It took the Hi-Fly team a year and a half to create the first drone that passed the flight tests. The Biruch Innovation Centre's first prototype – the unmanned air taxi Hi-Fly Taxi – made its maiden flight in October 2021 The second model – an evacuation drone – was unveiled in April 2022. Hi-Fly Cargo is expected to be used in disaster recovery – delivering goods, evacuating victims and putting out fires. The drone already has a range of up to 20km. It can fly at up to 100km/h and carry loads of up to 170kg.

Biruch Innovation Centre drones are tested every day, including in unmanned mode – without human involvement in controlling the movement of the aircraft.

Biruch Innovation Centre CEO Yuri Kozarenko
‘We teamed up with the Ivanovo Fire and Rescue Academy back in spring. The academy's teaching staff highly rated the performance capabilities of Hi-Fly. For us, this is particularly valuable because it is not the opinion of the average person or amateur. This is the opinion of experts for whom solving real rescue tasks is part of everyday life.

The agreements will enable the academy to raise the material and technical foundation of not only the academy but the entire Emergencies Ministry to a new level. For us, the ministry is the most substantive and professional customer, a unique source of expertise for further improvement of aircraft, implementation of socially useful tasks and the development of the project.

One of our key priorities is to increase the supply of locally manufactured components, targeting full self-sufficiency by the end of 2022.

We remain open to working with professional domestic teams in creating unmanned aerial vehicles – their separate components and more.

‘We invite all interested experts to our innovation centre. We will show and tell them everything, and we will certainly find areas for mutually beneficial cooperation!’

The Hi-Fly drone project is part of the technology path of the Healthy Innovation family of projects launched by EFKO shareholders. Besides Hi-Tech Healthy Innovation, there are Hi-Food (plant-based meat and milk – Hi-Meat and Hi-Milk) and Hi-Bio (sweet proteins, biosynthesised fats and cellular nutrition – Hi-Protein and Hi-Nutrition) food tech projects. Hi-Tech is also interested in building Hi-Energy hydrogen and solid oxide fuel cells.

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