Hi! at the Green City Festival in Moscow September 1, 2022
Four days of food of the future at VDNH

The Hi! food truck spent four days at the Green City flower and eco-friendly product festival in Moscow. From 25 to 28 August, at VDNH, Muscovites and visitors to the capital had a chance to try plant-based meat and milk and rate Healthy Innovation's revamped green menu.

To learn about healthy innovations, guests opted for the classic Hi! burger as usual. Connoisseurs of vegetarian cuisine preferred the cherry BBQ Hi! burger. ‘A great alternative to fasting’, ‘a good substitute for the popular fast food’ – Hi! knocked down myths about dull plant-based food and convinced even die-hard sceptics that it can be delicious!

Evgenia, a guest of the festival:
‘I'm not a vegetarian, but I love plant-based alternatives. This is the first time I've tried Hi! products. I came for tasting and then returned to order an amazing udon with plant-based meatballs. Everything I've tried here has been very tasty. I was particularly struck by the nuggets – you can't distinguish them from chicken nuggets. We liked the product so much that my friends and I immediately went looking for it in the nearest stores. And we found it. I'm glad that plant-based alternatives have become more accessible.’

Irina, a guest of the festival:
‘I've been a vegetarian for eight years now. I've tried different plant-based alternatives, but I've only found out about Hi! I really liked plant-based meat and nuggets. Hi! has healthy ingredients, an excellent taste and high quality. Now I will buy it myself and recommend it to everyone.’

A map of shops and cafes where you can buy or try Hi! plant-based alternatives is available on the official website of the project.

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