Findings of Public Lab of the Future of Food and Health 30 May 2023
Whether it is Possible to Improve Health with the Information?

At DeepFoodTech 2023 conference, EFKO together with the University of Educational Medicine (UEM) shared the firstlings of a research project under the name of Future of Food and Health.

Everyone was invited to participate. The sample list of this special scientific study included healthy people who, based on the results of medical tests, are considered at risk.

The Lab participants underwent a body checkup and had the lipid profile, sugar, insulin, glycated hemoglobin, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein tests. During three Lab months, their main "medicine" was just information.

"It was interesting to understand what influence the power of words has on people," – Sergey Ivanov, the project co-author, and EFKO Executive Director tells about the idea of the project. – We think in words. If the right terms with understandable images are not loaded into our psyche, we do not think of them. Healthy thinking, physical activity, sleep, healthy attitude towards oneself, the dearest, colleagues, and, in general, towards the community where we live – all these shape a healthy lifestyle. And our project supports the participants in creating the right system of meanings. And as a result – in improving the health. This is an educational project. Here the word heals, not the medicine."

The public laboratory has connected more than 4 thousand like-minded followers of a healthy lifestyle in 20 cities across Russia and neighboring countries.

EFKO and UEM organized a mini-course of three lectures and six brunches concerning the basics of healthy eating and lifestyle. 11 cities in Russia joined it offline. And the entire country and even participants from the Republic of Bulgaria, the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Republic of Kazakhstan followed it online.

Three months later, 25% of the participants have repeated tests, and half of the group exited the risk zone. 77% of participants had improved tests – total cholesterol decreased by 5%, and "bad" cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins, or LDL) decreased by an average of 20%.

"The main thing that is obvious from the project results is that we are the best medicine for each other," – Dmitry Alekseev, co-author of the Public Lab, says. – Our environment affects us: how we feel, what meanings we see in life, and how ready we are to invest in our health. Self-care becomes a value and a daily routine when there is a community around that is interested in health and motivates each other by own example."

"I am sure it will be like a snowball," – Alexey Moskalev, a Russian biologist, Doctor in Biology, and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences says. – Not 100 people, but 100 thousand people will become followers of a healthy lifestyle thanks to this project."

All materials of the Public Lab are available to everyone on EFKO's YouTube channel.

Marina Gratskova,
project manager
of Flexbby company,
project participant
"My lifestyle and habits have changed greatly. The biggest advantage of the project is that you get into the society of people like you. Those interested in health. Ready for change. Supporting each other. I got energy for action.

We have been thinking a lot and are about to start. But the most important thing is just to act.

The first step out of the comfort zone. Not to prepare for it, but to do it. A little bit every day. And soon you will get the result!"

Artemiy Semenov,
Director of
PJSC Rostelecom Center,
project participant
"As a result of the project, I lost 5 kg, I felt better, and this was proved by repeated tests. I worked mainly with my diet – more fiber, more greenery, vegetables, and fruits, excluding all kinds of sweets, and limited dairy products. Previously, the choice of food was automatic: I ate the available stuff. Now I buy products consciously.

This project includes basic knowledge that may not be instantaneous, but in the long run, will change for the better the quality of life of each participant. I would like to increase the coverage so that as many people as possible learn about the project and experienced its effect."

Asiya Utepova,
health coach,
project participant
"The project is very significant for the health of our nation. It draws attention to own health via simple and accessible ways.

Proper nutrition, sleep schedule, and simple healthy habits. All these that every person can introduce into his/her life.

If we compare it with a car, we are the drivers of our bodies. And it depends only on us what rules we will observe on the roads of life."

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