EFKO Studies Perspectives of Sweet Proteins and Plant-Based Meat in the UAE March 30, 2022
Meeting with the Minister of Climate Change and Environment

EFKO Executive Director Sergey Ivanov met with the Minister of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates Her Excellency Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Almheiri.

Mr. Ivanov shared the company's vision for business development in the UAE. After exploring the local market, consulting with local partners and government representatives, it was decided to build a factory to produce sweet proteins and a factory for the production of plant-based meat and milk. Localization and technical parameters of the projects are to be clarified.

"Each suggested project is completely in line with the new UAE food security strategy," Sergey Ivanov explained. – «Besides, the region has one of the highest rates of diabetes mellitus in the world. Therefore, the Her Excellency is particularly interested in the production of healthy alternatives to sugar, as this solution simultaneously responds to two challenges at once – food shortages and the fight for public health."

At the meeting with the Minister, it was decided to launch a committee on innovative food products within the framework of the UAE Food Security Council. A working group with both representatives of the company and the ministry will contribute to speeding the elaboration of issues concerning regulation and certification of foodtech projects.

In February 2022, the Fuel for Growth venture fund of EFKO shareholders announced the relocation of the headquarters of its innovative projects to the United Arab Emirates. On the basis of its own research centre, the fund invests in the development of Hi-Food (plant-based meat and milk – Hi-Meat and Hi-Milk), Hi-Bio (sweet proteins, biosynthesized fats and cellular nutrition – Hi-Protein and Hi-Nutrition), Hi-Tech (air taxi, hydrogen and solid oxide fuel cells – Hi-fly and Hi-Energy).
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