EFKO's Smart Farm Enters Protected Protein Market March 11, 2022
Expansion of the product range of the high-performance feed division

EFKO's high-performance feed division has unveiled a new innovative cattle feeding product – protected proteins. This high-performance additive takes into account the peculiarities of the cattle digestive system, boosts milk output and improves milk quality. It is manufactured in Alekseevka, Belgorod Region.

Feeding high-yielding dairy cows producing 28–40L of milk a day requires considering dozens of factors – from energy value and various nutrients to age and lactation stage.

One of the most critical tasks is providing the cow with enough protein.

For years EFKO has been studying technologies for careful protein extraction from oilseed. Two types of protected proteins have now been added to the list of classic feed protein products – sunflower and soybean meal.

But why should we ‘protect’ protein? The answer to this question is in the structural peculiarities of the cow's digestive tract. The first compartment of the cow's stomach – the rumen – contains numerous microorganisms. Its microflora intensifies protein breakdown.

To some extent, this is normal and even beneficial. However, for balanced protein metabolism, most of the protein – about 60–70% – shall reach the last (fourth) compartment of the stomach – the abomasum. Here, proteins are broken down into amino acids, which the animal needs to sustain milk production.

If an excessive amount of broken-down protein enters the rumen, the microflora does not have time to use all the released nitrogen. This disrupts the entire metabolic chain.

During the production of protected protein, the protein is heated under pressure to high temperatures. This makes it harder for the bacterial enzymes of the rumen to digest it. As a result, protected protein breaks down into amino acids only in the abomasum and intestines.

EFKO engineers have completed the development and registration of two types of additives: EFKOFEED PRO SF 90 sunflower meal with protected protein and EFKOFEED PRO SB 95 soybean meal with protected protein. They are used as both part of compound feed and as a separate diet component.

The EFKO protected protein production line is located in Alekseevka. The equipment investments are about ₽130m. The planned capacity by the end of 2023 is over 12,000 tons a year.

Oleg Platunov, Director of EFKO's high-performance feed division
The key Smart Farm customers are compound feed mills and farms producing more than 7,000L of milk per cow per year. The genetic potential of such animals is impossible to realise without feed additives.

Milk output is primarily determined by whether the cows have enough protein and energy. Protected proteins increase daily milk production by at least 1.5L. Along with improving the milk quality and well-being of the cow, such additives provide unfailing help to farmers in running their business and maintaining the productivity of their milking herd.’
The Smart Farm project is developing innovative cattle feed at EFKO. It consists of several divisions. The high-performance feed laboratory at Biryuch Innovation Centre creates new feed solutions. The dairy farming laboratory conducts the whole range of analyses for livestock farms. The high-performance feed division scales up production and sells the products.

Besides protected proteins, EFKO's range of feed additives includes protected fats ULTRA FEED F and EXTRA FEED.
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