Calcium Salts – Protected Fat 2.0 January 26, 2023
Expanding the Range of EFKO Effective Feeds

EFKO's effective feed division unveiled its new product – calcium salts of fatty acids, an innovative cattle feed additive, – at the Agros international exhibition for animal husbandry, breeding and feed production.

Dairy farmers increasingly face the need to replenish energy sources for high-yield animals, which can no longer be ensured by simply consuming enough dry matter.

Calcium salts of fatty acids are characterised by high energy value. They are fortified with calcium (more than 9 g per 100 g of the product) and are made taking into account the structural features of the cow's gastrointestinal tract. For the most effective assimilation of energy and useful micronutrients, including in the post-calving period.

To combine these benefits in one product, Smart Farm developers at EFKO introduced a new technology for manufacturing effective feed. This enabled developing a healthy, high-calorie product rich in calcium and perfectly adapted to the peculiarities of the cow digestion system.

Oleg Platunov, Director of EFKO's Effective Feed Division
‘Calcium plays a crucial role not only in strengthening the cow's body in the post-calving period but also in helping bolster immunity and prolong reproductive functions.

‘The peculiarity of the cow digestive system is that the rumen is the first and largest stomach compartment. It is responsible for up to 70% of digestion. However, there is a natural contradiction in that the breakdown of fat in the rumen not only reduces the energy value of the feed but actually harms the animal's health. It hinders the breakdown of proteins and fibre, slows digestion and triggers the release of ammonia in the rumen.

‘The binding of calcium to fatty acids prevents the breakdown of the product in the rumen, ensuring the so-called “inertness”.

‘By entering last compartment of the stomach – the abomasum, where relatively acidic conditions naturally destroy them – in almost their original form, calcium salts of fatty acids provide optimal intestinal digestion.

‘This effect virtually solves most of the challenges with slow recovery after calving, fertility, ketosis and acidosis. It boosts milk yield and reduces the loss of animals.

‘Due to their high melting point, the absorption efficiency of calcium salts is as high as 80%. And the optimal ratio of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids provides additional benefits for the health and well-being of the animal.

‘The capacity to localise the production of this feed additive in Russia enables selling it at a price lower than foreign analogues – in the range affordable for both large and medium-sized dairy farms.’

About RUB 300 million was invested in a manufacturing facility with a capacity of more than 5,000 tonnes per year. Production is carried out at the Evdakovo plant in the Kamensky district of the Voronezh Region.

The Smart Farm project develops innovative cattle feed at EFKO. It consists of several divisions: the effective feed laboratory at Biryuch Innovation Centre creates new feed solutions; the dairy farming laboratory conducts the whole range of analyses for livestock farms; the effective feed division scales up production and sells the products.

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