A Real Whopper, but Beef-Free! 23 February 2023
Burger King's First Vegan Burger

The Vegan Whopper, with flame-grilled plant-based beef steak, has the same recipe and, most importantly, the taste of the famous Whopper, Burger King's flagship burger. The only difference is that it contains the Hi!burger instead of a traditional meat patty!

The difference is almost impossible to tell. During a blind tasting at Burger King, respondents could not tell the classic burger from the Hi!burger.

The Vegan Whopper was unveiled following a survey conducted for Burger King by Romir Research Company. This showed that 11% of fast-food restaurant customers would like to see a burger with plant-based meat on the menu.

The alternative version of Burger King's flagship burger was made specifically for those who appreciate the taste and quality of the legendary Whopper but prefer meat-free food. Also, in the Vegan Whopper, traditional mayonnaise is replaced with veganaise from EFKO Food Professional.

You can try the new burger in all Burger King restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

EFKO Executive Director, Hi! Department Head Sergey Ivanov
‘Being first is always harder than following. Burger King is the first major fast-food chain to show such respect for the diversity of tastes and values of its customers. It is eco-friendly, bold, and precisely made with care for consumers. We are pleased that our plant-based patty passed the strict selection process of Burger King experts.

Our story began in September 2020 at the very first blind tasting of Hi! in Moscow. Since then, plant-based meat has grown from an emerging trend into an integral part of the food culture.

We hope the Vegan Whopper will win the hearts of Burger King customers and stay here for a long time!’

Burger King Russia Communications Director Ivan Shestov
‘Despite the considerable demand for plant-based meat, Russia has no fast-food restaurants where vegan patrons can feel comfortable. By unveiling the Vegan Whopper, we want to fix that while preserving the familiar taste people come to Burger King for. Meat, poultry, and fish are already on our menu. Now there are also plant-based meat products.’

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