Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

With environmental conditions defining the health and well-being of present and future generations, environmental awareness is essential for any modern business.

EFKO Group, as a leader of the Russian Fat&Oil industry, works to minimize its companies' ecological footprint.

The Group's environmental initiatives are aligned with the Russian and international laws.

We ensure the environmental sustainability of our facilities by investing in green technologies and implementing innovations and sustainable use programs.

In line with that, the Group's industrial fats facility in the port of Taman (Krasnodar krai) uses a zero discharge technology that prevents any waste from being released to the environment. The process water is subjected to c. 10 treatment stages at a local waste treatment plant, including the stage of bacterial digestion.

In order to implement open environmental policy and to maintain an open dialogue with all related parties on ecological aspects of industrial activity on Taman peninsula, in 2013 Food Ingredients, LLC, authorities and public representatives signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of environmental safety. Twice a year "Environmental control" work group  holds its meetings regarding environmental issues.

Company's efforts to preserve the unique nature of Taman peninsula and its contribution to environmental education and formation of environmental culture in the region are regularly highlighted by the Minister of natural Resources of Krasnodar krai. Company's projects systematically win "The best environmental technologies of Kuban" contest. 

As part of the sustainability program, EFKO's production facility in Alekseevka (Belgorod Region) has been implementing a project on the modernization and new equipment installation, allowing the plant to reduce its atmospheric emissions to a negligible amount, implement a closed loop system and a result cut its fresh water consumption for industrial purposes and water discharge into municipal treatment facilities.

The Company is also actively developing projects for small-scale power in the Belgorod region, so in Taman. Gas reciprocating co-generation plants increase energy effectiveness and cover production facilities needs in the electricity.

As a leader of Fat&Oil industry in Russia and one of the leading food products producers, EFKO Group also aspires to be a leading Company in the field of labor protection and industrial security. Production technological processes safety and preservation of life and health are Company's overarching priorities.

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