Innovations are the part of the EFKO’s philosophy, and success of the Company was the result of its implementation: in the processing of raw materials, production of high-tech fats and branded products. The research laboratories and centers of applied research are created in all Company’s divisions: in the branded division – Service on the new products development; in Fat&Oil Division – Center for Applied Research and Pilot Facilities, which develops and tests fat products for the lines of healthy food and innovative recipes based on the needs of the food industry manufacturers. Until the end of the year, the Group plans to open a Center for Applied Studies of Fat&Oil products in Kazakhstan.

In 2013, the company has created Innovation Center "Biruch", and on its basis in 2016 – Innovation Center "Biruch – NT" for solving urgent research problems of existing businesses and for the formation of a reserve of growth drivers. The focus of their research is on promising areas such as oleochemical products and biotechnology, food technology, design and development of feed products for livestock, engineering, electronics and instrumentation.

EFKO Group pays special attention to cooperation with leading research institutes, and is actively working with specialized higher education institutions, accelerators of start-up projects and supports the competitions of scientific ideas.

EFKO is always looking for new drivers of growth and is interested in supporting of talented professionals with proactive lifestyle, whom it’s ready to provide the unique opportunities for self-realization as a developer of new technologies and innovative projects, and future business leaders based on these projects.
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