Oleg Ivanovich Kharlanov

Head of Fat&Oil division, 39 years old 

“There are turning points when you consciously change your life 180 degrees. I joined EFKO Group right after graduation and for a long time I’ve been working in advertising, design and marketing as a Head of department. Until one day I realized that I wanted to change my career direction. 

At that time the company was struggling with foreign manufactures for market leadership in food ingredients segment and possessed one of the best research departments in Russia, planned the construction of the most modern facility center in the Eastern Europe… I realized I wanted to be a part of that team. To prove myself I could succeed regardless of the starting point and… became sales manager of specialized fats. 

Common goals

It’s assumed that most of those who choose sales as their career path receive a high salary with benefits. For me it presented as an opportunity to grow within the company. 

You may work as a Sales manager your whole life, get paid enough than start to make some big money... but a few months later you’re burnt out. As simple as that. 

If you want to become somebody, to achieve something you should have a wider outlook on both personal and professional aspects of your life. That’s what EFKO Group taught me. You may be a manager or may start growing and become a head of sales department first, than a head of the whole company’s direction and, after all, a head of company’s division. Everything is possible in EFKO Group. 

To master the art of selling is easy, the question is - how you turn clients into your friends who invite you for children’s birthday parties or wedding anniversaries? It’s the whole another level of relationships with you personally and the company you’re working for. 

As paradoxical as it sounds, achieving your life’s goals starts with your personality, with human qualities. 

Be honest. Do not promise more than you can, but do not be lazy to be your best. 

Take responsibility for your words. Be a good friend. Be open to new experiences. Be honest. 

Result worth the effort

The higher the job position, the more responsibilities and the less time you have. At this point you start to appreciate it even more, differently. In fact, we live and work for our families, children, parents. For me, as a man, a father, it’s important to be able to give them the best I could. 

The company tends to close a work position with employees shaped by the Group. When I was a head of department, I had a few talented employees. Both the company and I gave them a chance to prove themselves. And they did. Today some of them lead a department or work as a deputy division chief. 

Last year, the company gave me a chance to Prove Myself. It took me less than 7 years to grow from a sales manager to a head of division of the largest oil & fat holding in Russia. 

I know it’s not the limit. It’s another step forward. This is not the story of a successful career path; it’s about mutual relationships… between the company and the people. It’s simply EFKO Group.”

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