Sanina Tatiana Viktorovna

CEO of Innovation Center "Biruch – NT" (EFKO Group R&D center), 30 years old

Graduated from Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies.
Qualification: Bread, Confectionery and Macaroni Technology, research degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry Department, Candidate of Science.

EFKO career:

2011: Technological Service Manager of Fat&Oil Division;
2011 – 2013: work and career growth in Branded Division (from Assistant of Brand Manager to Deputy Head of Sales Department Support of Business Administration);
2013 – 2015: Business Administration Director of Oleochemical Business Department;
2014-2015: Head of Administration Department of Supplies of Project Finance Management;
2015 – to date: Director of Innovation Centre "Biruch – New Technologies".

"I’ve always been interested in science and wanted to see it change our lives for the better. Working at EFKO Group helped me to have this opportunity.

Creation of innovative production technologies, pilot part of products, production experiment on products release. Every day, step by step you see real progress and positive changes depending on your work and team.

It all starts with an interesting idea and a few months later a new product hits the stores. You see sales dynamics, read customers’ opinions and understand they actually like it. Than you realize you managed to participate in something truly meaningful. It’s an amazing feeling.

At the Biruch Innovation Center we develop functional food and production technologies, do research in the field of food and non-food oleochemistry, industrial technologies, and even robotic sensing. We have all the necessary equipment starting from parallel synthesis equipment to Plant & Reactor systems and molecular distillation, from automatic titration apparatus to chromatography–mass spectrometers.

We study best international practices, share knowledge with Russian and foreign colleagues via emails, participating in international conferences such as «In-cosmetics» Paris, “Emerging Trends in Oleochemicals & Lipids Expo” India or studying abroad for young professionals. Every employee has an opportunity to become one of them because at the Biruch Innovation Center work those who deserve to be called the best in their field of work or are able to become such.

Is it hard to work here? Absolutely. It goes beyond one’s comfort zone and calls for permanent improving knowledge and skills, high productivity and achieving impressive results.

This is a unique opportunity to make something meaningful. And you know what? I like it."

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