Yury Kozarenko

Chief of Science and Educational Center «Biruch», 28 years old

Education: Belgorod State University, Finances and credit, Alexeevka college of Economy and IT – Tax and taxation.

Career in EFKO:

2013: specialist of tax planning department, «EFKO Management Company»;

2014: leading specialist of tax planning department, «EFKO Management Company»;

2015: deputy chief of tax planning department, «EFKO Management Company»;

2016: chief of tax forecasting and analysis department, «EFKO Management Company»;

2017: chief of investment activity, «EFKO Management Company»;

2018: chief of Science and Education Center «Biruch» LLC;


«Actually it is quite an interesting question. Probably, like all in our life - occasionally.

I studied in Alexeevka – EFKO company’s center and heart, but I had never though that I could work in such a large company without any professional experience and necessary competencies.

In 2012 I moved to Voronezh and after working in different small companies I was surprised when I was invited to a job interview to the company:

-       Firstly, I didn’t know that EFKO has an office in Voronezh as well;

-      Secondly, I couldn’t imagine that such companies are able to employ a 20-year-old person with a specialized secondary education and without enough labor experience. But after the first meeting I understood that this company hires people not in accordance with their diplomas (however I have a diploma with honors) – it considers who you are, what you are interested in, what you want to achieve in this life and what you are ready to do for this. In such a way, my life in the company began (there is no other way to describe it).  After that and during all the time until today I have never regretted that I joined EFKO.

Now I realize that I was lucky to become a part of such a team. From the very first day I had to get acquainted with the company that seemed to deal with everything (purchasing, production, port activities, trading, building, logistics etc.) and attend meetings with highly qualified top managers. Ask me about career? Ha! You can’t imagine how it’s interesting to work with EFKO teams and top managers. Of course, it was difficult, of course, I had to learn a lot every day, teach others and understand new rules and principles of work of the divisions, the company, the branch and the country. Today the volume of tasks that you have to complete strikes you first but then makes you think how you can solve them. After that, you start to analyze resources, predict results, schedule timetables and move forward according to all these. Isn’t it a good habit developed by the company?

For the time of the work in the company I have been engaged in many interesting projects. Sometimes I don’t even pay attention that I have already done a lot of work:

-        Undertook an internship in workshops, worked with farmers and purchased sunflower in fields;

-        Held an audit of a new purchasing business and organized events to deduce it from losses;

-        Distributed money flows between all legal bodies of the Group;

-        Passed a training and then managed groups by myself in Science and Educational Center «Biruch»;

-        Studied management system of «Toyota» company during a trip to the plants in Japan;

-        Analyzed a «shelf» of sunflower oil in Chinese shops;

-        Managed street and office cleaners – don’t laugh! Try it first!

And this is just a small part!

Can this work be boring? I don’t think so. Especially taking into account that the company is constantly looking after you and your relatives.

I strongly believe that success is available for those people who are ready to work and live - combine these parts and don’t choose between them – respect their parents and mentors, dedicate time to their children and their employees, just love people and help them to realize themselves. My primary success story for today is that I have a good job and an interesting family: a beloved wife and a wonderful son. Don’t put limits in front of you and EFKO company will help to realize yourself».

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