Natalia Rogacheva

Deputy Chief of Strategic Management, 28 years old

«I’m a native Siberian. I was born and raised in Omsk and had never heard about EFKO before the job interview. I’m a technologist and after graduation I decided to work according to my profession. «There is a reason I studied 5 years!» I was in search of employ ment when found a corresponding job for 11 ths rubles per month and believed that it was only a start…

In 2012 EFKO organized a distant recruitment of promising youth in Omsk. I was offered to become a manager – I didn’t care in which sector, I wondered whether to change a scope of activity or not. After 2 parts of the job meeting, 3 weeks of waiting and parent advice I came to Voronezh. Was I afraid? Of course!

My labor activity began, as promised, with a training. A course in «Biruch» management school, socialization in the Department of marketing researches, different trainings during 3 months – I already dreamed about applying of obtained knowledge into practice! At that time the Innovation center started to work and my first projects were initiating of work of the supply service and administration of the new project «Yogurts». Then – integration of the new plant into company’s management system and my greatest adventure – working in Taman seaport. Yes, I had to move to another place again but it was a unique experience that allowed me to «grow up», learn to take responsibility, achieve difficult targets, find solutions for complicated tasks, work in a team. This experience became a strong foundation for me and now I can build new walls on it.

What do I do? I work with personnel! I never imagined that I would be engaged in this sector. I thought it was boring and elementary: is it difficult to find a technologist? To understand any production technologies is more difficult. Guess what? I was wrong. A man is a universe! It isn't difficult to find a person with necessary labor experience but to find somebody who would match the chief, management system and culture of the company. And this is just a beginning! How to integrate him correctly? What kind of relationships should be so that he could work effectively? And, finally, the main question: «How to understand in which direction he should be developed»? Often choosing profession at the age of 16-17 years we have no idea if it is really suitable for us. All these I've studied in EFKO. There are more things I have to study and understand but a one thing is already clear: I have no regret that I used the «lucky ticket» to EFKO and changed my life». 


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