Potapov Kirill

Director of Corporation Relations of the Production Division, 28 years old

Graduated from Voronezh State University, Economic Faculty.
Qualification – Accounting, Auditing and Analysis; State and Municipal Management.

EFKO career:
2009 – 2012: Specialist of Project Financing Management (PFM);
2012-2013: Chief Specialist of PFM;
2013-2014: Senior Specialist of PFM;
2014-2015: Head of Administration Department of PFM Supplies;
2015 – 2017: Chief Operating Officer on Vegetable and Tropical Oils Transshipment, Manager of Business of Vegetable and Tropical Oils Transshipment;
2017 – 2018: Deputy Director of Land Logistics Division;
2018 - to date: Director of Corporative Relation of the Production Division.


I wanted to work in EFKO because of some reasons: there are many young people in the company with whom you can find a common language, a beautiful office in the centre of the city, an interesting position connected with finances, building and business trips in Taman, an opportunity for a career growth.

The working experience in the company helped me to understand, that life is not so easy and I should take responsibility for my actions. I found out, that work in the company and a business in whole is the difficult competing activity, for which you must to work at the breaking point.

I feel good in the company, because I can constantly make a progress, and I see the life purpose in that. Also, due to work in the company, I managed to fulfill my financial dreams: to go abroad, to buy a car.

A competitive position of the company in the labor market is in that EFKO employs young people without work experience and provide them with an opportunity to career growth: you can teach such people everything, they are open to new and unusual.

Working in the company I managed to divide the main from the minor, to see the specific goals, to be result-oriented, not to be afraid of new spheres, to take responsibility, to be more attentive to details. In EFKO I learned to solve problems that seemed fantastical to me before.

I could say that I’m happy, but I call myself demanding, that’s why I move beyond.

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