Danshin Alexander

Head of Logistics Management of Director Service of Oil Raw Material Division, 31 years old

Graduated from Belgorod State University, Economic Faculty.
Qualification – Finance and Credits.

EFKO career:
2008 – 2015: Logistics Specialist;
2015: Head of Providing Special Equipment Department;
2016 – to date: Head of Logistics Management.


I came to the company in 2008 after training center’s test. I came here voluntary. Even then I heard about School of Management “Biruch”, about the learning and growing in the company, ambition and responsibility are in favor. I started to work as an ordinary logistics specialist and got a small salary. But I wasn’t upset, performed my duties good and responsibly. And the result came quickly – I was transferred to another branch as a logistics specialist to more well-paid job. In 2015, after studying in School of Management “Biruch” I was appointed as a head of the branch.

In my opinion, studying at university gives you only 40-50 % of knowledge, and when a young specialist goes to work, he faces a completely different world, he doesn’t know the corporative behavior and rules, he knows only theory, but he hasn’t neither practical, nor communication experience. And then it’s very important that staff will treat the new colleague as he is and help him to approve himself. So, in our company are many competent workers, who not only make a good work, but also can bring their experience to a new generation.

I like to work in a company, because here I have an opportunity to realize myself. In EFKO there is life, are constantly emerging new projects, where you can take part whatever your position is.

A competitive advantage of EFKO in the market is a fact that we all are equal in our company and there is no “nepotism”. All employees get a job on equal terms, and depending on their achievements, they get a promotion. In EFKO also exists a program of guaranteed career growth, due to which a man reached a concrete level in development has a right to get a higher position.

While working in the company, I faced a problem, probably, only me, but for many years, despite my efforts and dedicated work – I was invisible. I waited for some training with an opportunity to grow and etc. But it wasn’t. I think, this is mainly because of such managers who are fine with a current situation: they see their employee working well, there are no problems in the department and he doesn’t want to let this employee go and look for another candidate. On the other hand, there is a solution of the problem, it is in the situation itself. If your boss doesn’t see you, you can sign up in any group of students in School of Management “Biruch”. So did I.

I consider myself as a happy person, because I have a family (a wife, a kid) and the interesting job, which helps me to develop and provide a good life to my loved ones.

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