Kutsenko Roman

Deputy Chief Engineer on Development Projects, 26 years old

Graduated from National Technical University Kharkov Polytechnic Institute.
Qualification – Fat and Fat Substitutes Technology.

EFKO career:

2013-2014: Shift Master of Oil Extraction Plant;
2014 – 2016: Process Engineer;
2016 – to date: Deputy Chief Engineer of Development Projects.


I heard of EFKO in institute. It is strange to specialize in fats and not to know of EFKO... This company is a giant on the Fat&Oil market. I am happy that I work here, that I can do what I am intended to do – the production technology itself. And a possibility to develop is always interesting, because there are no repeated situations, something new always emerges. Newcomers in EFKO are given all the things needed for an effective work and self-realization. Let’s say, in institute I was well enriched with pesticides, herbicides and more, like a seed, and EFKO is the nutrient for this seed. It means, no matter how many fertilizers do you use – if you put the seed in dry ground, it will not survive. A good spring-board for me was a work as a shift master – then I realized, that only using every small screw you begin to understand the work of the plant, and exactly in this moment the student becomes a master.

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