Samoilov Alexander

Deputy Chief Engineer of Development Projects, 27 years old

Graduated from Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies.
Qualification – Engineering Protection of Environment.

EFKO career:

2015-2016: Deputy Chief Process Engineer in Alekseevskiy Soybean Plant (ASP);
2016 – to date: Deputy Chief Engineer of Development Projects.


In institute I worked in analytical chemistry and extraction, and I wasn’t concerned where I should work – EFKO has a great scientific and technological base, and my wife has already worked in EFKO, that’s why I decided to match a family happiness with a professional development. The main thing which EFKO gives you is the possibility to realize theoretical skills in the applied activities, there are no many industrial companies with such a trust to the young specialists. I was given a chance to show what I can do in real production, as a result – I was promoted after a year of work. Good attitude to workers redeems as well: the company is open to dialogue and is ready to compromise – it helps to participate in interesting projects and to make a comfortable living. Lenin said: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need", I wanted to get an honest attitude as a specialist – and I was given it, in return I could offer my efforts of which I’m not ashamed. I hope that we will continue to speak one language with the company.

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