Kankin Evgeniy

Chief Process Engineer Deputy, 24 years old

Graduated from Belgorod State Technological University n.a. Shukhov.
Qualification – Construction’s mechanics and automation.

EFKO career:

2014-2015: Innovation Technology Control Engineer;
2015: Process Engineer;
2015: Leading Process Engineer;
2016 – to date: Chief Process Engineer Deputy.


I got acquainted with EFKO when I was in 5th year at university. I was very impressed by the presentation of the EFKO company at the vacancy fair. Once I knew about the company's products, industrial scale, market position, and I wanted to build a career in EFKO, understanding, that it will be a difficult journey.

After the excursion at the School of Management "Biruch" and at the Alekseevka plant I've finally made my decision. I was struck by the level of modern technology, the culture of production, and the School of Management "Biruch" itself.

After a few interviews, I got a job offer in the company.

When I became a process engineer, I got new knowledge that helped me to solve the leadership’s tasks, which always require a multilateral and creative approach.

My professional development stage was the transition to the production site in Taman LLC "Food Ingredients", where I got the opportunity to participate in construction projects.

All professional experience I get here, taking part in construction projects (negotiation of contracts, work with contractors and suppliers, working in production), it helps to solve any problems that arise, both in the professional field as well as in personal life.

Work in the company taught me to be in the team, and that's why there is no impossible tasks for us.

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