Kovalevsky Rostislav

Director of Strategic Management of Commercial Activity of Global Trade and Development Division, 28 years old

Graduated from University of Vienna, Austria
Qualification – bachelor, math faculty; Voronezh State University, Faculty of Mathematics

EFKO career:

2013: Oleochemistry Division Leading Analyst
2013-2014: Leading Analyst of Financial Analysis Management  of Business Development Projects
2014-2015: Chief of Competitors’ Analysis Bureau of Financial Analysis Management  of Business Development Projects
2015-2016: Executive Director of Management and Business Development Department in Kazakhstan
2016 – to date: Director of Strategic Management of Commercial Activity.


“What are the feelings of graduate who looks for a job in the first time? Even if he has some experience of undermining, the world seems aggressive and unfriendly to him. Every interview seems like a threat and an attempt to get everything from him.

I faced the same problem, when I was interviewed on different positions in different companies dozen times. My problems connected with refusals and offer of employment in companies with unacceptable conditions finished when I was invited at interview at EFKO. This company became the first where I felt that employer thinks of helping me in reaching success, not of getting more while paying less. And working in the company for some years, taking participation in recruitment for several times myself, I came to the same conclusion – only a wish to work and to reach success is the key to company growth.

The first thing I understood, when I came to work in the company – that work in EFKO has no boundaries, neither geographical nor the boundaries of activity or competence. Working in a company, you can’t get bored, because the spectrum of realized projects is wide: from innovative formulations of shampoos to breeding soybean seeds, from the port infrastructure to industrial fats, from the employment practice on the shop floor or "field-work" to the experience of entire business management from Alekseevka and Voronezh, and to distant Kazakhstan. The company gives everyone a chance to realize themselves, find the field, in which you want to engage. And is this not human's happiness – to go to work that brings inner satisfaction and enables to provide a decent life to their loved ones...

If we talk about the most memorable project, while working at the company, it was, perhaps, a project for optimizing the power production system in Taman site. Work on the Black Sea, where I got the opportunity to climb on oil storage tanks, and in the jungle of locally-treatment facilities, to establish communication with the staff, from electrician to factory manager. This project helped to get a completely new knowledge about the electricity, and to gain experience in intensive communication with the specialists of different levels.”

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