Lebedev Andrey Vladimirovich

Brand Director, 30 years old

Incomplete higher education: Voronezh State Technical University
Qualification – SAD systems

EFKO career:

2010-2011: Logistics Branch Specialist
2011-2012: Market Research Branch Specialist
2012: Leading Specialist of Market Analysis Branch
2012-2013: Product Manager
2013 – 2015: Brand Manager
2015 – to date: Brand Director

“How I joined EFKO? By the job advertisement – I came to the interview on the open vacancy, talked with my future boss, and I joined the staff by the end of the week. If we consider this deeply, one day I understand I need to change something in my life. When I was invited to the interview, I decided that EFKO is the good platform for changes. The most important for me is that work can be interesting and you don't have to erase from your life the time spent at work.

The company is like the best friend for me. Fortunately, there is no perfect man among my friends – all have the drawbacks, weaknesses, caprices. But, despite all the drawbacks, these are people with principles close to me, who support in the difficulties or tell me the truth (not always the pleasant one). I feel good with them. The same I feel to the company. The company has a character and principles, which are the reason of its development (and it’s not the attempt to make quick money). For employees these principles, firstly, are in the social security and the high salary.

Besides that the company gives you a choice – if you want the average wage, the comfort and the standard workday – you will find such a position, if you want to work hard, to develop, to get a status, the high income and success – you have all the chances for that. But there are some peculiarities which are not suitable for everyone – in my experience, the contacts and the last achievements don’t help. There are and always will be the difficulties. I hope so. To overcome the difficulties is necessary for the personal growth. If it seems easy for a long time, you should think if you chose a right direction (or you go around in circles?) Since I have been working in the company I managed to find the heart of the matter, but still feel myself the second-grader, there are plenty things I need to learn. The projects were plenty and they practically always seemed the most difficult ones, and after the finishing – the most interesting projects. Then started another project...

One of the key projects for me was the shooting of the first advertising video. It was difficult to focus on all details, which were like a house of cards – the change of placing of one cart (the frame, the actor’s emotion, the word) affected the change of the whole construction. It was frightening, difficult and terribly interesting at the same time. Perhaps, the largest experience in this project (apart from the professional basics) is the clear interconnection in your mind: difficult – with all might – terribly interesting – the step in the development... I think, that man with such a scheme draws a conclusion – if he is happy or not.”

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